High Ceiling Swirl Diffusers

RDV swirl diffusers are designed to provide supply air distribution, in maximum comfort level, in areas with more than 3,5 m ceilling height. Production areas sports saloons, theatres, conference saloons, ballrooms, lobies, shopping centers, airports are these kinds of places. According to mixed air ventilation principles, air throw direction is horizontal in cooling mode and vertical in heating mode. They are suitable for constant or variable air volume systems. Because of high induction effect they help the conditioned area to reach the required conditions as fast as possible. They can be applied for temperature differences in between    -12 and +12 K. Adjustable air blades are designed aerodynamically. Air throw direction can be adjusted manually or by a motor located on the unit. They can be installed with or without a plenum box. Diffuser material is powder coated galvanised steel. They can be painted in any RAL code.

Optional Neck Sizes  : Ø200, Ø250, Ø315, Ø400, Ø500, Ø630

yuksek tavan swirl difuzorlar