Time to breathe! Simply natural ventilation and air extraction with only one fan and one facade opening.

The FVP pulse -V  for sill installation is ideal for performing energy-efficient modernisation in buildings without the need for a false floor. Fitting can be done very easily and quickly. Fresh outdoor air is cyclically supplied (breathing IN) and exhaust air exhaled (breathing OUT) on the same path. A valve system controls the direction of the air.

  • Instationary air flow:Air conditioning with high ventilation effectiveness and thermal comfort by impulse ventilation
  • Economical solutionthanks to low investment and maintenance costs
  • Only one facade opening, very simple structural integration without flow short circuit
  • High operational reliabilitythanks to innovative design and control concepts
  • Innovative ventilation conceptscan be implemented: demand-controlled ventilation, cross-ventilation, hybrid ventilation …

LTG Connected Intelligence: On-demand ventilation even without a central building control system. With decentralized control intelligence. Efficient, scalable, bus-capable.

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