The VDP series’ diffusers are specialized systems with high primary induction within the plenum box as well as an actuator for various air flow geometries. The main components are the round or square box with an interior cylindrical swirl element, an adjustable control-nozzle and the rounded outlet diffuser. The swirl diffusers can only be controlled with a plenum box. Depending on the technical and architectural circumstances, the VDP is manufactured in many different formats and finishes.


The interior cylindrical swirl element creates a circulating flow within the box, causing under pressure in the center of it. As a result room air flows into the box and mixes with the supply air. This energy exchange causes temperature differences to reduce. This effect is reinforced further by the secondary air induction at the edges of the flow, creating nearly isothermal conditions in little distance from the diffuser. The created swirl jet itself is flat, exceptionally stable and happens independently of mounting conditions (flush with ceiling or freely suspended).

The emerging jet can be adjusted from horizontal to vertical via the manually or motor-driven adjustable control nozzle that can be found in the center of the diffuser. This is why this swirl diffuser is especially well suited for usage in rooms with more than 3 meters in height for alternative heating or cooling or for adjusting the air flow penetration depth in the case of variable flow rates or temperature differences.

G 18