Specifically designed for halls and areas characterized by large production equipment with thermal effect caused by high heat loads from machines or an extreme length/ width of the hall where standard ventilation from the hall’s side walls will provide insufficient cooling.

This diffuser is however suitable for installation close to the occupied zone.

In the cooling mode, the air is diffused horizontally. A wide radial spreading of the cold air ensures that draft phenomena in the occupied zone are avoided.
In the heating mode, the air is discharged downwards. An increased flow pulse ensures that the heated air reaches the occupied zone.

  • High-output: High cooling and heating performance possible (air volume 1000…9000 m3/h)
  • Space-saving: a single device for heating and cooling
  • Variable use: at heights from 3 to 12 m
  • User-friendly, thanks to individually adjustable air stream, electric, pneumatic, manual.
  • Pleasant, uniform temperature air distribution with no risk of draught, even when installed in an occupancy area

G 17