The Price MFD-TP creates a twisting air pattern for rapid mixing using radial slots. This generates a vertical supply with very high induction due to the turbulent flow. The high induction entrains air from the floor level and quickly equalizes the supply and room air temperatures in the occupied zone. The discharge mixes within a turbulent cone in the occupied zone. The MFD-TP can be placed within 1.5 – 3 ft. of an occupant while maintaining a draft rate between 10-15 percept people dissatisfied according to ASHRAE 55-2004.
• The MFD is an integral component of the ModuFlex System.
• Room side, drop-in installation allows for increased flexibility, and can be quickly installed or rearranged.
• One cable daisy change arrangement for controls.
• The MFD is tested in accordance with ASHRAE55. The low velocity displacement air pattern allows the Modular Floor Displacement Diffuser to be placed in the occupant space.
• The MFD allows a reduction in outdoor air required by at least 18% as per ASHRAE62.1.
• Available with Manual and Automatic Air volume dampers
• Optimal low throw design, VE of 1.2
• Relatively higher air flow
Easy drop-in installation
G 42