The room is supplied with centrally purified outside air (primary air) via the ceiling induction diffusers. The used outside air flows through the nozzle into the mixing chamber. At the same time secondary air that flows from the room into the grille and the convector into the mixing chamber is induced. The air flows are mixed and flow as supply air through the special diffuser slots horizontally into the room. Six different lengths and three nozzle sizes (1 – 3) are available.


The two-sided ceiling induction diffuser DIAF enables a comfortable air conditioning of rooms with high cooling loads. The device is designed to be mounted freely suspended under the ceiling. It is equally suited for heating and cooling. The energy advantages of water as a transport medium combined with optimized air discharge and ceiling flow characteristics are used to full extent. The shallow case height of the series DIAF is equally suitable for low ceilings in new constructions and renovation of existing buildings with an ideal room height range of 2,6 to 4,0 m.

G 31