The slot diffuser VZ-90 is a special, high-performance diffuser with a system width of 124 mm, optionally suited for direct installation in an air duct system or as a model with a plenum box. The slot diffuser can be delivered in any desired lengths and combinations. The standard length of an air guiding nozzle is 250 mm. The diffuser consists of extruded aluminium profiles, by choice with blind frame, as well as rotatably mounted individually adjustable air guiding elements with boomerang profiles. The diffuser can used for supply as well as exhaust air and is especially suited for constant and variable volume flows in large rooms in the industrial but also comfort sector. The recommended flow rate is between 250 and 600 m³/h per meter at temperature differences between +4 K and – 12 K and sound power levels up to 40 dB.


The slot diffuser consists of 250 mm long, individually adjustable air guiding elements that create multiple single jets over an area of 180°. Especially the diversification into many single jets leads to a quick decline in velocity and temperature difference.

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