The tube diffuser VZ-AR consists of a longitudinally welded jacket tube with lengthwise arranged slots with integrated air guiding nozzles in form of double boomerang profiles with rectifier blades. The possible amount of parallel slot-rows is mainly limited by its dimensioning. The connection of single tube diffusers to a string is accomplished via a spigot with lip seal, alternatively with METU-flanges. The tube diffusers are designed for visible installation and fulfill the highest of architectural and ventilation demands. The exhaust air variant consists of a tube diffuser with a longitudinally welded jacket tube with a round VZ-AR-AL cross section with cross to the longitudinal axis punch-outs. The dimensions of the models are determined depending on the exhaust air volume.



The tube diffusers are usually mounted horizontally, installation as a vertical standing tube is also possible. Because of the individually adjustable air guiding nozzles it is possible configuring all jet streams and forms over an angle of 180°. Further possibilities can be explored by arranging the slot-rows in different areas of the tube. With multiple diffusers connected in series the interior calibration is accomplished via an integrated blade.

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