The VQA is an innovative low velocity diffuser with variably adjustable outflow geometry meeting the highest of aesthetic demands. The selectable outflow surfaces are rectangular, round, half-round, flat-round, quarter-round, hexagonal, half-hexagonal, quarter-hexagonal, special surfaces are possible. The perforated front plates are invisibly mounted to a connecting unit with a round or rectangular spigot and interior distribution elements. They can be disassembled from the room side without a problem in order to adjust the jet geometry or for cleaning purposes. There are no visible screws or other mounting systems. Certified in accordance with the DVI 6022 and SWKI VA-104-01 guidelines.


The pivotable, variable draw elements with integrated linear nozzles behind the front panel provide optimal flow characteristics and an even admission flow of the front surface. For adjustments to the flow direction they can be rotated by 360° and the linear nozzles can be used for further configuration. The (for low velocity diffusers) usual low to medium air velocities in combination with subnormal temperatures lead to, due to the density differences, the air gravitating towards the floor and creating an evenly spread sea of fresh air. At heat sources the air rises to the ceiling area as a result of the convection.

G 26