Price DFGL displacement floor grilles provide a uniform low velocity flow into a space with minimal turbulence or induction of room air. Best suited for linear perimeter applications, the DFGL may be installed with a continuous or segmented look and is typically used in raised floors, floor cavities, or on the top of sills. The cool supply air flows across the floor and gradually fills the occupied space. The superior air quality and low noise levels associated with the DFGL make it suitable for office spaces, places of worship, galleries, museums, schools, or any application that demands a comfortable, quiet space.
• Ships with protective film on face
• Pencil proof models available: examples 25C, 26C, 27C
• Extruded aluminum frame with reinforcing support bars
• 1- or 2-way discharge patterns
• Variety of core styles and fasteners
• Integrated equalization baffle
G 43